How to add an online shopping cart

Creating an online store and accepting payments for individual products and services.
With Tilda, you can create a small-scale online store or install a payment system for individual products and services. Go to the Store category to find the necessary blocks.
1. Add the Cart: ST00 block from the Store category to the page.
2. Choose and add to the page the block with a product card.
3. Enter '#order' in the Button Link field in Content menu.
You can create a sale opportunity within any block. If you are not using blocks from the Shop category add the following link:

#order:Name of item = 1000,

where Name of item is exactly that and 1000 is the price.
You can now publish your page, and the shop will be open for business, allowing customers to add a product to the cart and place their order. A notification will be sent to you and saved in your account.
You can also:

✓ Change the currency setting
✓ Assign the payment system to receive payments online
✓ Assign data capture services in order to receive purchase requests in your inbox, Google Drive, Slack or another service
✓ Add shipping and delivery information
✓ Adjust the order form by adding new fields and modifying its appearance.
To enter the currency you want, go to Site settings and open the Payment systems tab. The chosen currency will appear in the product card and in a cart automatically.
Payment systems
Assign the payment system in the Payment systems tab in Site settings.
If you need to set up shipping methods, add the Delivery Variants field in the Content menu of the Cart:ST00 block. Add delivery methods by separating them with a new line. If shipping is not offered for free, put the = symbol and write down the price (only numbers, without currency).

For example:
Customer Pickup Free
Standard Shipping $10 = 10
Adjusting an order form
You can adjust the order form in the Content and Settings menu items of the Cart: ST00 block. You can add fields, change their names, edit their appearance, and assign data capture services to where orders will be sent.
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