How to Receive Form Submissions to Telegram

To receive data submitted through the forms on your website to Telegram, open the @TildaFormsBot in your Telegram account, then type "/start".
After sending "/start", you will receive a message containing an API key and Secret key. Copy and paste them to the Telegram setting page on Tilda.
Note: You can add @TildaFormsBot to a group in Telegram. To do this, click "Add Members" in the group and type /start or click the Start button. Next, repeat the steps described above for a single user.

Telegram API Key starts with a minus sign (-).
Go to the Site Settings → Forms → Telegram.
Paste the API key and Secret key received in Telegram to the corresponding fields. Save the changes.
If everything is correct, you will receive a message via Telegram: "Done! Telegram has been successfully updated as your data collection service on Tilda." Telegram will be added to the list of Connected Services in the Forms tab.
Next, go to the page editor, open the Content panel of the block with a form, and select the "TELEGRAM" checkbox. Your form is ready.

If something fails to work, make sure that the URL of the page with the form matches the one specified in the form settings.
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