How to Set Up Stripe

Receive online payments from your customers via Stripe
Stripe is a payment service that operates in 45+ countries and allows both individuals and businesses to accept online payments from their customers. Here's how you can set it up on Tilda so your customers can pay you online via Stripe.
Sign in for Stripe and provide the necessary details. You will be redirected to your dashboard.
Fill out the "Account name" field in the Account settings.
Upload an icon and logo in the Branding settings. Choose an accent color for receipts and invoices.
Click on Developers on the top panel.
Navigate to the "API keys" tab. Copy the publishable key and the secret key.
Go to the "Webhooks" tab and click on Add an endpoint.
Paste in the "Endpoint URL" field and add charge.failed and charge.succeded events. Save the changes.
Reveal the signing secret in the webhook details and copy it.
After that, go to Tilda → Site Settings → Payment Systems → Stripe.
Paste the publishable key, secret key, and signing secret. Fill out the other fields and click on Add at the bottom of the page.
The payment system has been assigned. If you connect several payment systems, they will be displayed as payment options in the shopping cart.
To make a test payment, use test card numbers.
Your website must have an SSL certificate for Stripe to work.
Recurring billing is not supported.
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