Custom Domain Errors
If you have done everything according to the instructions and the domain is not working:

1. Refresh the page several times. Browsers (especially Google Chrome) store old versions of the page in the browser cache, so the changes may not be visible even if the domain has been connected correctly.

2. Make sure that you have specified the domain in the Site Settings, saved changes, and published all pages.

3. Make sure that you have only one A record and it points to

4. If you type a link starting from www in the address bar (e.g., make sure that you have created an A record for the "www" host and it points to

5. If you see a warning that your website is unsafe, it means that you haven't configured HTTPS in the Site Settings. Follow our guide to adding HTTPS to a custom domain. If you see that warning from the search engine results, you need to uncheck the "Use HTTPS scheme in robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and canonical URL" box in the Site Settings → SEO.
If you are still experiencing issues after following all the instructions, we recommend that you write to the customer service of the registrar, through which you have bought the domain.

How to contact support:
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