How to embed Instagram feed to your website

Adding automatic Instagram updates to your website.
This is a guide to displaying your Instagram feed on a web page with the help of a free widget, Instush.
This set of instructions considers one of the services that allows users place their Instagram feed on a website. You can use other services, such as Lightwidget or any other service suggested by Google.
disclaimer: Instash is not affiliated with Tilda Publishing. The instructions describe the option of inserting the html code generated by Instash, but we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of Instash. By using Instash, you agree to the terms offered by Instash.
1. You must have an Instagram account with public access to photos.

2. Go to the Instush website and click on Sign in with Instagram in the top right corner.
3. Sign in to the account.
4. Click on Get it now underneath the entry which says: "Share your Instagram photos on your website or blog."

5. Select your favourite widget design and settings.

You can configure:
— Image size;
— Number of rows and columns in a gallery;
— Space size between images;
— Stroke weight;
— Display and color of 'likes';
— Background color.

Here's a few gallery examples:
6. Copy the code.
7. Go to Tilda, open the blocks library, click block T123 "Adding the html code" in the Other category and insert the code which you have copied earlier into the Content block. Save, then publish the page. The gallery will appear on the published page.
To align the gallery in the centre, add the tag <center>....</center> to the code.
<center> — in the very beginning, in front of <iframe
</center> — in the very end, after /iframe>

Like this:
<iframe src="//
alse&pin=true&t=999999WnqA4uR8eXFdbyMhY6mFhlPzMM25u4ZS-kwSldGFZGLdPFqw5qqakX0-bv06wr0zFJ5plnZgmxA" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="display:block;border:none;overflow:visible;width:733px;height:733px;" ></iframe></center>
This is it! So when you upload a new image to your Instagram account, the Instagram gallery on your website will be updated automatically.
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