How to Track Website Statistics

Key performance indicators such as page views, number of sessions, unique visitors, subscribers, events as well as UTM parameters can be viewed in Site Settings → Analytics → Website Statistics.
For more comprehensive website analysis, connect Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking to your website.
Where to see website statistics
Go to Site Settings → Analytics → Website Statistics.
For statistics to be displayed, publish all pages.
Switch between daily and monthly data

By default, your data is displayed for the last month and is broken down by days.

If you switch to a monthly reporting mode, stats will be displayed for the past year, broken down by months.

Data are available for the year ending today's date.
Session duration

A session is a set of user interactions with your website that occur over a period of time. If a user visits your website, leaves, and returns more than 30 minutes later, it is considered a new session.

The first screen shows a graph tracking the change in the number of people visiting your website.
Number of form submissions

Data on the number of form submissions are sent to analytics automatically. The graph below shows the general dynamics of leads generation.

See the "Events" table for the statistics for a particular variable.
Detailed website stats by day

You can see the number of page views, users, sessions, leads as well as conversion rates in the table that follows the "Leads" graph.
Conversion is when a visitor to your website performs an action specified as a goal, such as submitting a form.
Defining your most popular pages

You can see the most visited pages in the "Popular pages" table. The data is ordered by the number of page views.
How to see detailed data by page

Click the URL address of the page in "Popular pages" to view the number of sessions, page views, and daily stats for this page.
How to track UTM parameters

View the source, medium, and campaign tags in the UTM table. Simply click the plus symbol to see the data.

If you click the tag itself, you will be taken to a page where you can see the stats linked to this parameter such as sessions, leads, and a detailed daily view.
How to find out how many people clicked on a button, opened a pop-up, or filled out a form

Use the "Events" table in the "Activity and conversion" section to track your stats on pop-ups, form submissions, and button clicks.

Form submission data is displayed automatically. To see the number of button clicks or pop-up impressions, tick the box "Send data to analytics". Read more on this topic here:
Click the name of the event to view detailed stats on a specific button, form or pop-up.
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