Page Publishing

How to publish a page and get a link for sharing with others.
Nobody can see the page that you are creating in editor. If you want to share a page you need to publish it.
If you don't see changes after publishing, please refresh the page. Your browser may store the old version of the page.
After publishing you get a public link to the page. With this link everyone can see your page.
After publishing you see a message:
This is public link. Share it to show the page to someone.

You need to use this link while you creating a website menu or putting a link on other pages.

A link that you can see in your browser while creating a page is internal. If you share it with someone it won't open. If you put it on menu, it won't work.
This is an internal link. Only you can open it. It will not work in a website menu.
After publishing search engines start index your page. If you don't want it happens, put a login and password in Site Settings > Privacy > Login and Pass.
You can unpublish a page. Go to Page Settings > Additional > Unpublish.
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