Page is a part of a website. However, a website may consist of several pages (for example, a portfolio website, magazine, or blog) or just one page (a landing page or longread).
What makes it different is its settings: you can assign a specific style (fonts, colors, etc.) and a domain name to the website, while Page Settings apply only to a particular page.
How to create a new page
To create a new page, click on the drop-down page list and click on Add new page, or simply go to the project dashboard and click on Create new page.
How to copy a page
To duplicate a page, go to Page Settings → Actions → Duplicate page.
How to transfer a page to another user or to another project
To transfer a page to another user, go to Page Settings → Actions → Transfer page. To move a page to another project, click on Move page.
How to rearrange pages within a project
To change pages' order, drag and drop pages on the Page List.

You can also set page numbers manually. To do this, go to Page Settings → Additional → Index Number. Index numbers should be set in tens, e.g., the first page is 10, the second page is 20, etc. This way, you can add new pages between the existing ones without having to change other pages' numbers.
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