Page actions

Duplicate, change owner, change project structure.
Page is a part of a website. However it may consist of several pages (a portfolio site, magazine or blog) as well as of just one page (a landing page or longread).
What makes it different is settings: a certain style (e.g. fonts, colors) is assigned to the
whole site, you also assign a domain. Page Settings apply only for certain page.
How to create a new page
To create a new page, click on drop-down page list and choose 'Add new page'. Also you can go to Page List and choose 'Create new page'.
How to copy a page
To duplicate a page, go to Page Settings > Actions > Duplicate page.
How to transfer page to another user or to one of your website
To transfer a page to another user, go to Page Settings > Actions > Transfer page. You can choose 'Move page to one of your project' here as well.
How to change page order
To change page order, drag and drop a page on Page List.

Another way: you can set page number manually. Page Settings > Additional > Sort
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