URL Redirection Set-Up

How to automatically redirect users from one URL to another
If you have several domain names, for example, mysite.com and mysite.ru, and you wish the same page to open by clicking either of them – meaning that mysite.com would be the primary website and all the users visiting mysite.ru would get redirected to mysite.com, take the following steps:
Use the primary domain for the website, for instance, mysite.com.
Create one more site (you'll need the Business tariff for that).
Use the other domain for this site, for example, mysite.ru
Create a page in this new site and add a T223 block there (Redirect to URL, the very last one in Other).
Add the main domain – mysite.com – to the menu of this block.
Publish both the sites.

Done! Now when users type "mysite.ru", they will be automatically redirected to mysite.com
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