How Tilda works

Getting basic understanding of the interface: how to upload, edit and publish
Getting started with Tilda
Sites dashboard
You can create up to 5 sites (Business Plan) and assign each site to a domain. You can create one site with Free and Personal Plan.
Site dashboard
Site may consist of several pages (a portfolio site, magazine or blog) as well as of just one page (a landing page or longread). What makes it different is settings: a certain style (e.g. fonts, colors) is assigned to the whole project, you also assign a domain.
Adding a new page
Editing page
Adding blocks
Blocks are Tilda's basic elements. You can create a page by arranging blocks you need. Our 140 modern blocks designed by experts cover most of required combinations. Each block is tunable, so you don't have to be a designer yourself. All you need is good content and good taste.
Block content: adding and editing
You can add and edit content directly on the page – just click on the text to edit it or drag and drop the pictures to add them. You can also use the Content menu (the orange button).
Block Appearance
Each block depending on its type (Picture, Text, Video or Button) has its own settings.
Preview and Publish
Click Preview while you are editing to see what the page will look like online. After publishing you will get a link to your project or page. Tilda automatically save the changes.
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