How to create folders for website pages

On Tilda pages are created sequentially, in the form of a list. Here's how you can create folders for your website pages in order to simplify navigation.
To create a folder, go to Page settings → Additional and click 'Create new folder'.
You can place all pages in the folder, except for the home page and Header and Footer pages of your website.
After creating the first folder, you can create additional folders by clicking the Folders button.
To move your pages to a pre-existing folder, drag and drop the page or assign a folder in Page settings → Additional.
How to publish individual folders
If you need to publish all pages, click 'Publish all pages'. If you already have a folder, a window with 'Publish all' and 'Only in this folder' will pop up.

If you are still working on some pages that you are not ready to publish, place them in a separate folder called Draft. Pages in this folder will not be published if you select 'Only in this folder'. All pages outside this folder will be published.
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