Anchors and Internal Links

How to add a link leading to a specific spot in the project
There are two ways to create a link that would lead to a certain block (section) within the page:
1. You can target any block with a link that contains the block's ID, e.g., #rec129000. Every block has a unique ID that you can find at the very bottom of the Settings panel of the block.

2. Add a T173 block ("Anchor Link") from the "Other" category of the Block Library. Please set an anchor name for it. For instance, "chapter1." When the page visitors click on the link that contains the anchor's name, they will be taken to the spot of the page where the anchor block is. The anchor block itself will remain invisible.
3. You can also target a block on a different page. The link would look like /page3232.html#rec129000 or /page3232.html#chapter1.
Adding a T178 block will provide a smooth scrolling effect to the anchor links on the published page.
Please note that each page should contain only one T178 block. If there is more than one T178 block on the page, errors may occur.
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