How to Add Complementary Products

Before adding a product to the shopping cart, a customer may opt to add extra products or services, for example, gift packaging.
Add complementary products options in the Content panel of the block

Go to the Content panel of the block → Variants → Add option.
Specify the name of the complementary product in the "Option name" field. List the product values in the "Option values" field, each value on a separate line.
If you want the price of a complementary product or service to be added to the price of the main one, enter "=+" and specify the amount to be added to the main product's price.
Click on Save and close. Now the product card features complementary products and a drop-down menu.
Add a shopping cart to your page, then publish the page.

A customer can now select complementary products before adding the main product to the shopping cart. When the seller receives a new order notification, they will know what complementary products have been ordered in addition to the main one.

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