How to Save Form Submissions to is a large international CRM system. Here's how you can integrate this system with online forms on Tilda.
To connect, go to Site Settings → Forms and select "Monday."
In the data collection setup, click on the first button ("Install Tilda App on") to install the app.
You will be taken to's app installation page. Click the "Install" button.
Go back to the setup page on Tilda and click on "Connect"
You will be redirected to Monday again. Сlick "Authorize" to give the website access to the Tilda app.
You will then be taken back to the setup page on Tilda. Select the board and group from your account that you want to send data to. Save the settings.
Important: When you save the integration settings, the system will reacquire field data from the chosen Board and Group. If you deleted a field and stopped receiving data, re-save the integration settings and wait 10 minutes.
To connect the data receiver to the form, go to the Content panel of the block and select the service.
Publish the page with the form. The data receiver is now connected, and all submissions from the forms will now be sent to
Important: Do not use Date, Page, Delivery, and Products as variable names when using These are system fields—if you use them in your form fields, the values may be erased.
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