Setting up WordPress plugin

Step-by-step instruction
Setting up the plugin will require API, which is only possible with the tariff "Business".
Set up the plug-in

At WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and type "Tilda" in the search box.

Click "Install"

After the plugin has been installed, click "Activate Plugin".

The plugin has been activated.

Get the public and private keys

To do this, go to Tilda, open Site Settings → Export → API Integration and click "Generate Keys."

Then go to WordPress Dashboard → Settings → Tilda Publishing and insert the public and private keys. Save.
You can also download the plugin from the repositoty GitHub
In this case, this is what you should do:

Download the folder with the plugin (tilda) to the folder /wp-content/plugins
Go to the website dashboard
Go to the plugins page (Plugins/Installed)
Find the plugin Tilda Publishing API and click "Activate"
Get the public and private keys. To do this, open the tab API in your account and click "Generate Keys".

Go to Settings > Tilda Publishing

Insert the private and public keys generated by Tilda. Save.
Setting up WordPress template

We recommend you use templates in which content is adjusted to the entire screen width.

This may require adjusting the template: taking out all the side elements so that the content would take 100% of the screen width.

To determine whether Tilda is used on this page or not, use this code for the template:
$data = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_tilda', true);
$tilda_status = $data['status'];
Template use

Before setting up the plugin, create at least on project on Tilda and at least one page there.

Click "Add New" (page or entry)
Insert the name of the page or entry (or Tilda won't connect)
If the list of projects or pages does not get displayed, click "Renew List"
In the list on the left, choose the project that contains the page you want to use
In the list on the right, choose a page.
After choosing, click "Save".
Done! The page data is now on your server.

When changing the page at Tilda, click the "Synchronize" button on your page.
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