Preview On Facebook And Metadata For Search Engines

How to set up a page preview on social media: page’s URL, name, caption, and image
A page preview contains information provided in the "Social Media" tab in the Page Settings and appears on social media when someone posts a link to the page.
What to do if the data is not displayed correctly
For example, you have changed the preview, but Facebook still shows the old one.

1. Be sure to republish the page after you have changed its preview in the Page Settings.
2. Go to Sharing Debugger, enter the page's URL, and click on "Debug" or "Fetch new information" if URL hasn't been shared on Facebook before.
After you click on Debug, Facebook retrieves the new data from the page, deletes the old cache, and updates the page preview.
Special data for Facebook

If you want the page preview to contain data different from that in the Page Settings, provide it in the Page Settings → Social Media→ Customize social media preview.
Image Sizes Cheat Sheet
Shared link: 1200 x 630 px
Image for post: 1200 x 630 px
Cover image: 820 х 312 px
Profile image: 170 х 170 px
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