Uploading files to form submission

Receive files in Dropbox, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk
All vertical forms have an option of including a field for respondents to add files to their form submission. Here's our guide to the file upload to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk accounts.
Add a new field such as File in the Content section of any vertical form. You may use the following blocks: BF204N, BF310N, BF311N, BF402N, BF403N and BF502N.
Click the link Get the key and choose your preferred file storage service.
Dropbox connection
Yandex.Disk connection
Google Drive connection
Additional settings
After you save and republish all pages, files will be added to the standard folder Applications → Tilda Publishing. You can change the folder in the settings.
In the settings of your preferred file storage service, you may prohibit uploading certain types of files to the form submission. Choose from the existing list (images, video, documents) or enter them manually leaving a space between each file extension.
In Content, tick the box to allow uploading of up to 10 files.
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