How To Upload Files To Online Forms

Enable attachment uploads and receive files in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon AWS, Selectel, and Yandex.Disk
All vertical online forms allow you to a "File" field that gives visitors the possibility to attach files to the form submissions. Here's our guide to enabling file uploads to Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon AWS.
Add a "File" input field to any vertical form in the Content panel. The blocks with vertical forms are BF204N, BF310N, BF311N, BF402N, BF403N, and BF502N.
Click Get the key and choose your preferred file storage service.
How to connect Dropbox
How to connect Google Drive
How to connect Microsoft OneDrive
How to connect Amazon S3 (AWS)
How to connect Selectel
To connect the Selectel service, sign up for Selectel and top up your balance for at least $2. This is a paid storage, you can read more about pricing on Selectel's "Prices" page in the "Cloud Object Storage" section
If you want the website to be available to anyone with the link (and not just the owner), name the container "tildalinks" and grant access to it using the guide above.
How to connect Yandex.Disk
Additional settings
After you save and republish the page, files will be added to the standard folder Applications → Tilda Publishing. You can change the folder in the settings of your data storage service.
You can restrict attaching certain types of files to your data capture forms in the settings of your data storage service. You can either select the file types from the existing list (images, videos, documents) or enter the extensions manually, separating them with a space.
For Google.Drive, Yandex.Disk, and Selectel services, you can modify access to uploaded files with the link: For security purposes, by default, access to the files is granted to the account that issued the Key. You can select the checkbox to grant access to anyone with the link. This can be useful if the leads from the forms are managed by another person. For Selectel, you'll need to configure it additionally.
To enable visitors to attach multiple files to one form (up to 10 files), select the "Allow to upload multiple files" checkbox in the Content panel of the block.
The maximum size of an uploaded file is 30 MB.
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