How to get Uploadcare API key

You need an API key to send files via data capture forms.
We do not provide a file hosting service, so if you want people to send you files via a data capture form (e.g., a CV) you need to use Uploadcare, an external service with a free plan.
Disclaimer: Uploadcare is not affiliated with Tilda Publishing. In this tutorial, we describe an option of obtaining an API key. We do not guarantee trouble-free running of Uploadcare. By using this service, you agree with terms and conditions that govern Uploadcare.
Go to, press Get free API key.
Free Plan is limited to:
100 upload units
1 GB traffic per month
1 MB of smart storage.

After signing up and receiving your email confirmation, you will be transferred to Dashboard, where you can create a new project or use a default one.
Copy the project's public key.
Go to Tilda and upload the key in the block 'Content menu'.
After the page is published, you will see a button in a form. Visitors can now attach a file and send it to you by pressing this button.
The file will be sent to your account on Uploadcare.
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