Generating Website Content Using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Tilda now offers the ability to generate text using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This feature simplifies website copywriting and helps better phrase headlines, and texts in blocks.
To use the AI text generation, go to the Page Editor and start editing any text field.

In the text editor toolbar at the top of the page, click the star icon "Generate with AI."
You will be prompted to read the Terms of Service the first time you use Tilda AI.
Then describe what your website is about. This will give more detailed information to AI and help it generate a better answer.
The next step is entering the prompt and submitting it to generate the text.
A properly worded query is a key element in getting the best results.

While writing the prompt, try to use the following rules:
  • Avoid generalizations and be more specific: Large text → Text consisting of 3 sentences;
  • Avoid writing ambiguously: Fun text → Marketing text with a call to action;
  • Use literate speech, not slang: Drop some lines on our bennies→ Generate a sentence about our benefits.
Once the query is completed successfully, the answer will appear in the "Result" box.
If you are not happy with the result, try changing the prompt and click the "Regenerate" button. You can copy and modify the result if needed.
After clicking the "Apply" button, the generated copy will be pasted into the text field.
Note that there are usage limits of 100 successful requests per day.
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