How to create 'Thank You Page'

"Thank you page" is a page which is opened after form submitting or successful payment.
How to setup a Thank you page in the Tilda forms
1. Create a new page, add some content and design, add a page address (e.g. /thank - you) and publish it.
2. Add a «Thank you page address» in the form block content, e.g.
Complete the form setup and republish a page with form. Visitor will be redirected to the Thank you page after form submitting.
How to set up a «Thank you» page for the cart
To make a Thank you page work after payment in the cart block, you should add a link to thank you page
If payment system is not connected and you are using a cart as a form without payment, you can add a thank you page in Cart block settings in the Additional tab.
Thank you page. What is it for?
When the client sends the form data, you can display a concise message that the data has been successfully sent or redirect him to a special page - Thank You Page.
Marketers recommend to not limit yourself to polite "thank you", but:
- Tell what you need to do next (for example, check the email to receive an answer and warn how much time it can take);
- to sell something: to show deals, special offers or additional materials;
- offer to subscribe to social networks.
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