How to Сonnect Yandex.Metrica to Your Website

Connect a Yandex.Metrica counter to track your website's statistics.
1. Sign up for Yandex.Metrica and create a tag.
2. On Tilda, go to the Site Settings → Analytics → Yandex.Metrica.
3. Specify your counter ID (tag).
4. Save the changes and publish all pages.
Republish all pages once the tag has been installed. The tracker will start collecting the stats in 1-2 hours after the tag installation.
Seamless connection of Yandex.Metrica is temporarily unavailable.
How to modify tag settings via Tilda
Go to the Site Settings → Analytics and open the tag settings. Here you can opt to use an alternative CDN, activate Session Replay 2.0, or prevent your website from sending eCommerce data to Yandex.Metrica.

After saving the changes, you need to republish all pages for the new settings to come into effect.
How to set up:
Web analytics tool from Google
Connect this Google service to manage your website tags without editing code
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