How To Restore A Website From A Backup

It can happen that you need to restore the website as of the specific date. To do this, you can request a website backup copy through Tilda support.
How to restore the website
To restore a backup copy of the project, create a ticket here: or email us at Describe the situation concisely and send us a link to the website. A support specialist will check the availability of backup for the dates specified and create a restore task in the system. This may take up to 24 hours.
How the restored website looks like
After the restore procedure, a website copy for the specific date appears next to your website, so you should have some free space in the account for this copy. It’s only page content that will be restored—the project copy won't have the connected domain, data collection services, and other website settings. Also, blocks that are tied to block IDs, such as tabs or blocks for creating multiple landing pages, may work incorrectly because their IDs change when they are restored.
What you should do after restoring the website
After getting a copy of the website, it's best to copy the restored content into your website by using the "Duplicate page" option (Page Settings → Actions) or by copying individual blocks through the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the block.
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