How to add a search bar

Adding a search widget
How to add a site search
Block is located in the Other category → T838 block (Site search).
To start content indexation, check the «Enable internal website search» checkbox in the Site Settings → More
Search results will be shown in 15 minutes on the published page.
To get proper results allow page/site access for the searching crawler if it was blocked previously.
On-site search does not work on pages under Membership as they are prevented from being indexed.
How to add a Google search for site
Please visit Google Programmable Search Engine page at and press «Get started» button.
Please add your site URL and press a «Create» button
Programmable Search engine has created. Please press «Get code» button.
Then copy a code
Then you should add a block on Tilda page. It is located in Block library → Other → Search on site with Google (Т148).
Paste a Google Search code to the Block Content.
Please save and republish your page. There should be a search bar on a published page.
Note: Google Programmable Search works only with sites indexed by Google. If there's no search results, please check page indexation status in Google Search Console or in Site Settings → SEO →Google Search Console
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