How to Update a Website Preview On Social Media

You have created a website and decided to share it in your social media or in messengers. But there may be a problem: a link preview may not look as it is intended to. In this quick guide, we'll show you how to solve this problem and review the tools that can help you with sharing the link to your website via Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter.
Before sharing the link to the page via social networks, check its settings first. Go to the Page Settings → Social Media → Customize social media preview. There you can name the link, add a description, and upload a badge image.

If there is no information in the "Social Media" tab, the page preview will have a title and description as specified in the "General" tab and a badge that has been uploaded in the "Badge" tab in the Page Settings. If there is no badge pre-uploaded in the "Badge" tab, the page preview will feature the first image on the page.
If you have specified all the values and published the page, but social networks still display the page preview incorrectly, you should use special services to update the page preview.
How to update a page preview on Facebook
using Facebook Debugger
Sharing Debugger is a link preview editing service for Facebook. You can use it to update a page preview on Facebook by pasting the page link in the field and clicking on Debug. After that, the page preview will be updated and a new preview will be displayed below.
If you experience any problems updating the page preview, please check:
  • AAAA-records in the domain provider records settings (you should delete it);
  • the address of the page in the Page Settings → SEO → Customize search results preview → Canonical link;
  • if there are no selected checkboxes in the Site Settings → More → the "Use HTTPS" field while the HTTPS sertificate is not configured.
For the Tilda tag not to appear in the shared post, fill in the "App ID" field in the Page Settings → Social media → Customize social media preview. Read this guide to find out how to create an App ID.
How to update a page preview on Telegram
using @Webpagebot Telegram bot
You can use an official Telegram bot @Webpagebot to update page previews on Telegram. Add it, send a "/updatepreview" command, and send up to 10 links to this bot. The page previews (titles, descriptions, and badges) will be updated shortly.
How to update a page preview on Twitter
using Twitter Card Validator
You can use Twitter Card Validator to update page previews on Twitter. To use this service, go to the Page Settings → Social media → Customize social media preview and fill in the "Twitter Account" field. After that, go to Twitter Card Validator and paste the page link to the "Card URL" field.
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