Setting up WayforPay payment system

WayForPay is a payment gateway which provides payment card, Privat24 or terminal payment methods.
First of all, complete the registration form and activate your account.
Then go to the Shop settings tab in the your WayForPay dashboard.
Create a shop and go to its settings by clicking on it.
Scroll down to the "Merchant Details" card. You will need this data (login and secret key) to configure the integration in Tilda.
Switch to your Tilda project dashboard. Navigate to Site Settings → Payment Systems → WayForPay. Paste Merchant Login and Merchant Secret Key from WayForPay settings and save the changes.
Also ou can add the language of the payment page and Result URL— the URL the customer will be redirected to upon a transaction being successful.
The integration is configured. To activate the Live mode (after activation on the WayForPay dashboard), tick the "Disable Test Mode" checkbox.

You can accept payment on your website in the following currencies:

Ukrainian hryvnia - UAH

Russian ruble - RUB

US Dollars - USD

Euro - EUR

Crediting funds is possible only in hryvnia.

Withdrawal of funds from foreign cards is made in UAH using Wayforpay conversion.

For more details, please contact the payment system support.

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