Selling products with the choice of parameters

This method is suitable if each product has customs: size, color, type. In this case you have to indicate in the product's description that while ordering one should indicate a certain parameter.
The process looks as follows:
1) The customer clicks the buy button;
2) A form appears where he/she indicates contacts and customs ( color, size);
3) Presses the "Continue" button and continues to the payment;
4) The order information is sent via email or Google Drive;
5) You compare them to the information from the payment system and complete the purchase.

1. In the website's settings add the payment system : PayPal or Stripe .
Instructions how to add PayPal
2. Create the store's "window" and and separate pages for the products if needed

Use blocks ST03-ST07, "Store" category.
3. In the menu of the "Content' block with the products write the links in the form: #price:P:N where P is the amount of the payment ( a whole number), and N is the name of the product or service.
Our example will contain the following codes:
4. Add the block "Popup: Order form with following payment" ST08

This block is with an order form. The form will appear when clicking the button with the product and the client will be redirected to the payment system. The block should be added once on any place on the website.

The information of this form will be sent to your email or any other receiver of information. To add the the information receiver ( email, Google Forms), go to the website Settings > Forms, choose the receiver and add it.

How to install the receiver of these forms.
If you set up as an acceptor of these forms Google Forms , then when creating the form using Google, make two additional fields in the beginning - Product and Price ( their names can differ).

These fields will accept the information which you indicate in the link #price:N:Product. In the field Product will be the name of the product, in the field Price - its price. E.g. if you indicate the link #price:49:headphones, the information will be received in this way:
After you add the information receiver, one should customise the form itself.

Open the "Content" menu, tick the connected receiver and customise the fields - the information which we want to get from the client. E.g. we will need the name, phone number and comments to the order.

Here you can specify the address of the page client will be redirected after a successful payment . You need to create a page in advance, publish and write the full address in the appropriate field.
Publish the entire website.
5. Buying process
1. The customer clicks the button " Buy" and a window with the form pops up.
The customer fills in the fields and clicks the button "Continue to purchase." He is redirected to the website of the payment system and at the same time the information is sent to your mail.

The customer enters the information which you have requested while connecting with the payment system on its website and pays for the purchase. Upon returning to the store's website the customer sees the page saying that the purchase was successful, if you have customised such an option.

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