Direct sale of products, online payment

This method will be suitable if you're selling products which don't need any clarification - the client doesn't need to choose the size, cloud or other additions. E.g. interior pieces, books, cosmetics, tickets for master-classes.

1. In the website's settings add the payment system : PayPal or Stripe

Instructions how to add PayPal
Instructions how to add Stripe
2. Create a shop "window" and separate pages for products if needed.

Use blocks ST03-ST-07, "Store" category.
3. In the menu of the "Content' block with the products write the links in the form: #price:P:N where P is the amount of the payment ( a whole number), and N is the name of the product or service.

Our example will contain the following codes:
4. Add the block "Payment system" ST02
This block will be connecting the links relating to products (the links can be in form of buttons or text) with a payment system. It can be add to any place on the page.

It's ready. Publish the page. When clicking the button one will be redirected to the chosen payment system.
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