What is a Thank You page

Find out how to set it up and what it's for
A Thank You page is what your potential client sees after filling in a form, placing an order or completing a purchase.
How to set up a Thank You page in a data form
1. Create a new page, then in the page settings add the page URL such as: thank-you-page. Publish the page.
2. In the Content menu of any block, in the field URL Success Page, add the URL of your Thank You page (it can be something like http://mysite.com/thank-you-page).
Finish connecting the form and publish the page. Whenever a site visitor completes a form, they will be redirected to a Thank You page.
How to set up a Thank You page for the cart
For the Thank You page to be displayed after your site visitor makes a payment or places an order in the cart, add the Thank You page URL in the settings of the payment system you are using. This can be found in the site settings.
If you haven't yet connected a payment system and you are using the cart as an order form when the client pays on delivery, add the Thank You page in the cart block settings (ST100) in the More tab.
Why you need a Thank You page
When your client fills out a form and hits Send, you have two options: show them a brief message saying that their data has been successfully sent or redirect them to a Thank You page.

Marketing experts recommend to do more than send a polite note of thanks. Consider doing one of the following:
— Tell the client what they should do next (for example, ask them to check their email for a reply from you or let them know how long the order will take);
— Sell something else: show special offers or share additional articles;
— Invite them to subscribe to your social networks.
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