How to create your own template

Design your own page, save it as a template and use it as the basis for a new project.
There are more than 200 ready-to-use templates in the Tilda library. Use them to create your own pages – simply replace stock photos and content with your own. Check out Tilda templates for examples of good design.
You can save pages with your own design as a template and use the template as the basis for future projects. This is particularly useful if you have multiple pages in your website, and many of them have similar design features. Or if you are creating personalised landing pages for different clients: keep the basic design and change only a number of features.

Having your own templates can be useful when you work in a team: for example, while a designer creates templates, a marketing specialist provides content. Similarly, branches of a large company are free to add their own, localised content, while the design of the main company page remains unchanged.

Here's our guide to designing you own page, saving it as a template and transferring it to another use.
1. To create a template, go to page Settings → More and check Make page as Template.
After this the template will appear in the tab My Templates.
How to create a template for exporting to another account
A template can be used by another account if you allow it. To transfer a template to a colleague, follow the steps below.
The option of creating a template that can be used by other users is available for Year Business plan only.
1. In page Settings → More check the box Allow other users create pages on this template by special number.
2. Share the template ID number with your colleague.

3. Your colleague should then click the button Create new page, scroll to the end of the page, click the button Enter Template ID and enter the ID number.

4. A new page based on your template will be created in your colleague's account.
Each template has a unique number. You will not be able to create a new page based on your template if you do not know this number.
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