What to Do if Your Website Does Not Work
Your website may not work for a variety of reasons. Below we describe solutions for the most common problems.
Here is what you should do if you see an empty page with the Tilda logo when trying to access your website.
What may have caused this problem:
1. You did not publish the home page. Click here to learn how to publish a page.
2. You did not assign a home page for your website in the Site Settings. Click here to learn how to assign a home page.
3. You activated an IP restriction in the Site Settings → Permissions.
If the browser says that your website cannot be reached because the server IP address could not be found, you should check the domain settings on the registrar's website (where you bought the domain name). Read this guide to find out how.
If the browser says that your connection is not private, you are probably trying to open your website using the HTTPS protocol without properly configuring it. Replace "https" with "http" in the address bar or configure HTTPS on your website.
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