Automatic News Feed

How to assign a Telegram channel to your website to transfer the channel's posts to the website automatically.
You can now retrieve posts from any public channel to your website. Once a new message is sent to the Telegram channel, it will automatically appear on the website.
1. Add a "News feed channel" block to your website.
Please add a T854 block from the "Other" category to the website.
2. Open the Content panel of the block and click the "get a key" link.
You will be redirected to the news feed connection page.
3. Insert the channel's name and save it.
You can look up a channel's name by clicking on its icon in Telegram.
5. Copy the key.
7. Go back to the page where the news feed block is, paste the key to the "News feed key" field, and save the changes.
The feed may be updated with a delay. Reload the page if you can't see the new messages.
Pictures appear as miniatures on the website only if they have been sent as images (not files) to the channel.

If you post a captured picture in Telegram, it will also appear captured on the website.

If a picture and text message are posted exactly at the same time, they will appear as one message in the news feed.
8. Publish the page.
The news feed will be updated automatically.
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