Automatic News Feed

How to connect a Telegram channel so that the posts automatically appear on the website
You can add a feed from any public channel to your website—once a new post is published, the website feed will be updated automatically.
1. Add the "News feed channel" block to the page.
You can find it in the Block Library, "Other" category, block T854.
2. Add the @TildaNewsCrawlerBot bot to the channel. It will be given all the required permissions.
3. Open the "Content" tab of the block and click the "get a key" link.
You'll be redirected to the channel connection page.
4. Select and connect the Telegram Bot.
5. Specify the name of the channel and click "Save."
You can find the channel's title by clicking the channel's icon in Telegram.
6. Copy the key you received.
7. Go back to the page with the block, paste the key to the "News Feed Key" field, and save the changes.
The news feed may be updated with a delay of several minutes. Refresh the page if the newsfeed hasn't been updated.
What to keep in mind when using this block:

  • If your channel is private, the block will display only the posts published after integration with the bot.
  • No videos can be added to the feed. Only images and text will be published on the website.
  • Images will be displayed as thumbnails in the feed if they've been sent as images, not as files.
  • If you post the picture with a caption as one message in Telegram, it will be displayed as one message in the feed on the website as well.
  • If an image and text are posted exactly at the same time (hours and minutes), this image and caption will be displayed as one message in the feed on the website.
8. Publish the page.
The feed will be updated automatically.
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