How To Grant Other Users Access To Edit Your Website

Teamwork on Tilda with the Collaborators feature
On Tilda, you can team up and edit your website together with other users. Here's how to set up and manage access to your website.
To activate the "Collaborators" feature, go to Site Settings → Collaborators.
Important: This is a premium feature. To find out the price and to purchase it, click "Pay and manage."
Add a teammate by clicking on "Add collaborator." Enter the person's email address linked to their Tilda account.

Two types of access are available: Full and limited.

When selecting the "Full" access type, the collaborator will be able to edit, publish, delete pages, view requests and statistics, as well as make changes to the built-in website services.
The "Limited" type of access allows you to select the actions the collaborator will be allowed to perform on your project.
The collaborator will receive a notification on Tilda. Once they accepted the invitation, you will be able to work on the project together.

The project will be added to the Dashboard and labeled as "Shared."
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