How to Grant Access to Edit Your Website to Other Users

Find out how to configure access rights
On Tilda, you can edit your website together with other users. Here's how to set up and manage access to your website.
To activate the "Collaborators" feature, go to the Site Settings → Collaborators.
Important: This is a premium feature. To find out how much it costs and to buy access, click on Pay and manage.
Add a teammate by clicking on Add collaborator.
Enter the person's email address linked to their Tilda account. There are two types of access—full and limited—and you can configure just how much access you want to give to someone. Select the necessary checkboxes and click on Add collaborator.
The person will receive a notification on Tilda. After they accept the invite to work on your project, the project will be labeled as "Shared" and you will be able to work on it together.
If you already have a teammate working on your project but would like to add another one, you need to pay for two collaborators' access. The previously paid period will be recalculated and added to the new one automatically.
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