How To Add Microdata Markup

Using code for advanced description in search engines
Microdata is a way to specify your content for the search engine robots to use in search results snippets. To add data markup to a website made on Tilda, you can use the service.
How to add microdata markup to a website made on Tilda
The microdata markup for products in the catalog is added by default. Each product page in the catalog is generated with built-in microdata markup using the format. This means that all information about products is marked in code beforehand so that it is easy for a search engine and other services to extract all product parameters very easily.
Important: Not all additional information in search results is displayed using microdata markup. The block with sitelinks is generated automatically in search engines — you can find advice from search engines on improving the quality of links below.
Sitelinks, or additional links, are added automatically now.

However, there are some recommendations that help you improve the quality of sitelinks right now.
  • The text in the title and page title section should be concise, informative, and relevant to the subject of the page.
  • The website structure should be well-thought so that users can navigate the website easily. All pages focusing on the same subject should link to the key pages on this subject.
  • The text of internal links should be concise and relevant to the content of the sections that can be accessed using these links.
  • The website content should not be duplicated.
To generate a microdata code, you need to use a generator. We recommend this service:

Example: How to add microdata for the Tilda article "How To Improve Your SEO On Tilda":
To validate the microdata markup, you can use the markup validation services, for example, this one from Google. It will check the correctness of the microdata markup for you and provide you with information about errors if there are any.
Why use microdata markup?
Search engine robots use the microdata markup to determine what content is featured on your website and mark it with special tags.

They also use it to create search results snippets to provide users with relevant information from your website that matches their search. The code helps search engine robots understand what data can be added to the description of your website in search results.
There are several ways to add microdata to a website:
  • by adding parameters directly to the website code
  • by using the JSON-LD code

The JSON-LD method allows you not to change the code for each element manually. To add microdata markup, you can write or generate the markup code and add it to the Head section of your website or page. Google recommends this method.
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