How to add Instagram feed to your website
There are two ways of adding your Instagram photos to your website:
1. Add a block with an automatically updated Instagram feed
2. Add Instagram in the images library of a block with an image.
Your Instagram feed on your website
Add the block SN403 from the category Social networks.
Connect your Instagram account in the Content menu.
By connecting your account, you give Tilda permission only to display photos on your website. Tilda has no access to your messages and cannot publish or delete any information on your website.
Once your account has been connected, photos from Instagram will be displayed automatically. There is no need to update or republish the page.
This is what a connected Instagram feed can look like:

When a site visitor clicks on a photo, they are taken to your Instagram account.
Adjust the number of photos in the Settings menu.
How to add Instagram photos to a block with images
Go to the Content section of any block with images and click on Search photos next to the Upload file button.
Go to the Instagram tab and click on the button Connect to Instagram.
Enter your Instagram login and password and confirm your permission for Tilda to access your account.
Open the Content menu again and select the Instagram tab and the photo you want in the images library.
After allowing Tilda access to your Instagram feed, you can choose images in this tab in any blocks with images.
To change accounts from which images are added, you must first log in to the account on
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