How to get captured data by email

Important: it's crucial to add '' to your contact list and to open all emails delivered to your mailbox.
If you delete unread emails they will be marked as spam and the receiver can be removed from your account.
Go to Site Settings > Forms > Email
Enter your email, click «Save».
You will receive an email with the activation code, simply click on the code to activate it.
Or you can copy and paste it into the field «Input code» on Tilda website.
The data reception service is activated. Go to the page with your form, find a block with the form and tick the box of your data reception service. Publish the page.
Allowed domains
By default the domain in your site settings is an allowed domain.
An allowed domain is the email which is allowed to receive data. It ensures that no one else (for example, spammers) haven't sent data to your email.
You have to specify the domain where your website will be located after publication.
If your site will be located on another domain after publishing, add several domains. You can make it in the form settings.
If anything fails to work, please make sure your page has the same address you entered in the form settings.

If you seem to receive no emails, check the "Spam" folder.
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