How to Add Contacts/Leads to AmoCRM

Sign up for AmoCRM.
Sign in to your AmoCRM account and click on the "Settings" icon in the left bar. Go to the General settings. You will be redirected to the main settings of your AmoCRM account. Copy the text from the "Address" field. This is going to be your subdomain at AmoCRM. You will need it while setting up this data collection service on Tilda.
Next, go to Tilda and select containing the form. Go to the Site Settings → Forms → AmoCRM.
You will be redirected to a data collection setup form that you should fill in to connect AmoCRM to your project. Paste the address that you have copied earlier in the "Subdomain on AmoCRM" field. Enter the email you sign in with to AmoCRM in the "AmoCRM Login" field.
Go back to the settings of your AmoCRM account, open the API section, and copy the key from the "Your API Key is" field.
Go back to Tilda → Site Settings → Forms → AmoCRM. Paste the copied key to the "AmoCRM API Key" field. If you are going to use your own domain for the project, make sure to add it to the "Domains" field. After you fill in all the fields, click on Activate.
You have successfully connected AmoCRM to your project. If you make changes to your AmoCRM account, changing your domain, email address, etc., make sure to update the settings of the connected data receiver on Tilda by clicking on Details.

Now you have to link the connected data receiver (AmoCRM) to the data capture form.

To do this, go to the page with the form and open the Content panel of the block.
Select the "Connected services" and "AMOCRM" checkboxes, then click on Save and close.
The form settings have been saved. Publish the page to apply the changes and check if the form works.

After publishing the page, you will see a message saying everything has been published, provided with the "Go to Page" option. Click on it. Then fill out the form and submit it.
Wait for 5-10 minutes, then go to your AmoCRM account. Click on the "Deals" icon in the left bar. If everything is correct, you will see a deal named "Lead from Tilda…" in the "Initial Contact" column—this is the data you have just submitted from Tilda.
If something fails to work, make sure that the page with the form has the same address as the one that you have specified in the form settings.
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