How to Connect Fonts from Google Fonts

Open and select the font you would like to use.
Click the "+Select this style" button and select the styles you need.
Copy the font link, that is the part of the code inside the quotes, in the <link> tab.

The link should look like this:;500;600;700&display=swap
Go to Tilda → Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Custom settings → Google Fonts, and paste the link into the "CSS Link" field.
Important: Use the exact name of the font as it is called in Google Fonts for the "Heading Font Family Name" and "Body Text Font Family Name" fields.
Publish all pages of the website.
The font is connected.
How to add two different Google Fonts
Click +Select this style and select the desired fonts for the two different fonts. The Selected Families box with the selected fonts appears on the right side of the screen.
Copy the CSS link with both fonts from the <link> tab.
Paste the link in the CSS link field on the Google Fonts tab.

Paste the full, exact name of first font to the Headline Font Family Name field, and paste the full, exact name of another font to the Text Font Family Name field.
Font connection issues
The most common reason for a font not displaying is that one font is connected in the site settings, but another font is assigned to the page, via the top edit panel. In this case, you need to reset the assigned style by clicking the "clear style" button in the top bar.

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