How to add a newsfeed

With Tilda Feeds option
Tilda Feed is an ability to make multiple feeds of instantly updated news or posts.

You can create multiple feed of up to 5000 posts each, add images, videos or a gallery to the post, manage the release date and search engines settings.
Enabling Tilda Feeds and creating the first feed
Activate an option in Site Settings → More → Feeds.
Create a new feed using the button in the upper right corner. Each feed can contain up to 5000 posts; posts are not counted in the project page counter.
Posts and sections management
Create a new post using the button in the upper right corner and specify its title.
After that post editing card will be opened. You can specify a a short description of the post that will be displayed in the block, add the main image of the post, gallery or video, set the date of publication, indicate the section and visibility of the post (published or draft).

In addition, you can separately configure the title and description of the post for social networks and search engines.
The text of the news is edited in the Text field. You can change the text parameters, add a link, image, video or separator anywhere in the news using the text formatting panel.
You can use part to distinguish between different news within a stream. Sections are an analogue of categories or tags, using a section you can display a separate thread topic on a separate page.

Create a part using the button in the upper right corner.
After creating a section, you can assign it to a single post in the post editing card.
How to show feeds on the website
You can display the stream of posts using blocks from the News and feeds category in the Block Library.
Choose a feed or a part of the feed in the Block Content.
Save the changes. Posts will be updated automatically on the published page.
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