How to Accept Donations on Your Website

Setting up custom amount donation forms for charity foundations, nonprofit organizations, or simply virtual tips collection
Charities often need to accept custom amount payments. Read how to set up a donation form below.


Adding a custom amount payment form

Add block BF923 "Donation Form" to the page from the Block Library → "Form and button" category.
You can customize the text on the button, placeholder value (e.g., recommended donation amount), and the donation name (it will replace the product name in the payment data).


Connecting the payment system

Select and connect the payment system in the Site Settings → Payment Systems.


Adding a payment block

Add either ST100 or ST105 block from the Block Library → "Store" category.
The ST100 block will add a cart to the page.
The ST105 block will take your visitors straight to the Payment page.
Please note that only the PayPal payment system works with the ST105 payment block.
Before going live, we recommend that you make a test donation to ensure that the form is set up correctly.
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