Saving data from forms to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web service for creating, updating and editing tables and sharing data online. If you choose Google Sheets for receiving data from forms, the information filled out by site visitors will be automatically added in a spreadsheet. You can access it via your Google Account.
1. You need to have a Google Account. If you don't have it, sign up for it here
2. Go to Tilda. Open Site settings > Forms > Google Sheets
On your next screen, click Connect Google Sheets. The application will ask for permission to access your Google Account. Once permission is granted, a new spreadsheet, which will receive data from the forms, will be created in Google Drive.
Go to the page with the form, open the Content menu and tick the box next to Google Sheets.
Finally, publish the page. When the spreadsheet in Google Sheets will receive the form, it will automatically create corresponding fields in the same order as they are listen on your form, for example, email, name, phone. Dispatch time, request ID and the link to the page from where the data was sent will be added by default.
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