Webhook: receiving responses from forms to your script

Use Webhook to receive responses from forms to your script. The data will be sent to you via POST.
To activate Webhook, open Site Settings > Forms > Webhook
Add the address of your script. Tick the box if you need to send cookies. Save the page.
In the Content menu of the block with the form, tick the box against Webhook.

Save and publish the page. Whenever a form is filled, responses will be sent via POST to the script URL specified in the settings.
Sample script that sends responses to your email
Add this script to the server, specify the script URL in Webhook settings. Any responses received via Webhook will be sent to your email.

$headers = "From: from@webhookservesite.ru";
 $message = print_r($_POST,true);
 @mail('to@mail.ru', 'Tilda TEST', $message, $headers);


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