How to Sell without a Shopping Cart

Follow this step-by-step guide to receiving payments for products and services if you want to provide your customers with the option of quick transactions.
This method is perfect for those who offer a product or service that can be purchased in single units with no need to specify custom parameters.

Let's create a page selling tickets to a yoga class. The class has a fixed price, and the number of tickets is limited to one per person.
1. Assign a payment system in the Site Settings
Connect PayPal, CloudPayments, or other payment systems.
2. Add the ST105 block to activate your payment system
Add the ST105 block from the "Store" category to the page. No need to edit anything: all you need to do is to add the block to the page.
3. Add a special link to any block

#order:Product name=Price.

In our example, the link would be:
#order:Yoga class=100

You may add the link in any block with a button or text link option.
Publish the page. From now on, when your customer clicks "Buy now", they will be redirected to the payment system page to complete the transaction.
You may use a similar method to sell several products and services that are to be purchased in single units. For example, you sell tickets to yoga classes, and each class is priced differently depending on the time of day.

If this is the case, add a block from the "Plans" category (for example, the PL100 block) and assign links to each button, e.g., assign #order:Morning Class =100 to the first button, and #order:Evening Class =120 to the second button.

Once a customer clicks on either button, they will be redirected to a payment system page where they'll be able to pay the respective price.
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