Online Store and
Payments Processing

How to create an online store or accept payments for goods and services
On Tilda, you can create a full-fledged online store or assign a payment system to sell single goods and services. There are blocks for it in the "Store" category in the Block Library.
How to Add Products
Guide to adding products to an online store.
How to Create a Product Catalog
Guide to creating product categories.
How to Set up a Shopping Cart
A shopping cart can be used for ordering one or multiple products.
How to Sell without a Shopping Cart
Selling a product fast—without additional parameters or product quantity's options.
How to Assign a Payment System
Setting up Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout payment systems or adding the "Cash on delivery" option.
How to Send Order Notifications
Automatic sending of email notifications.
How to Sell without an Online Payment System
How to add the "Cash on delivery" option.
How to Add Product Parameters
Adding the option to choose a size, color, etc.
How to Add Complementary Products
Adding the option to order packaging or accessories in addition to the product.
How to Create a Promo Code (Discount)
Adding the option to apply a fixed value discount or percentage discount.
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