Setting up an online store with a shopping cart

Installing Ecwid service
At the moment, Ecwid service must be set up to have an opportunity to add products to the cart at your store. The service is integrated into Tilda and it's not difficult to add it.

Ecwid — s a service that enables to create an online store and incorporate it into your website on Tilda.
Register at
After the welcome screen an interface for uploading products' photos will appear.
The products can be published on Tilda after they are uploaded. For that we need the store's ID ( in the lower right corner).
Go to Tilda. Add block ST11 "Ecwid: Online store" ( "Store" tab).
Open menu "Content" and indicate the store's ID.
To see the products one has to publish the page and turn on the preview.
Return to Ecwid. Indicate the link to the website.
Set up the currency, indicate the store's information, this information will be indicated in the buyers' receipts and email notifications, and it will be used to calculate the delivery cost.
Install the payment system.
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