How to Set Up LiqPay

When making an online store on Tilda
LiqPay is an online payment solution developed by the Ukrainian bank Privatbank. It allows MasterCard and VISA clients to pay for goods and services on your website. LiqPay can be used only by the residents of Ukraine, although payments can be made from anywhere in the world.
Enter your phone number on the LiqPay homepage (it will also serve as your login) and wait until you receive a text message with a security code. Enter the code in the appropriate field when prompted.
Click "Settings" on the control panel on the left of the main screen.
In "Settings," click on "API." The system will then offer you two keys: public and private. Click on the icon with the eye to view the private key.

Copy both values.
Enter the following link in the field under "URL of server-server notifications":
Head over to your Tilda account. Click on Site Settings Payment Systems LiqPay, and paste both Public Key and Private Key in the appropriate fields.

Fill in the rest of the parameters and save.
Important: LiqPay currently works only with shopping cart block ST100 from the "Store" category. Using other blocks may result in errors as a correct information transfer from online payment systems will require the buyer's email.
You can now make a test payment.

After ensuring that everything is working correctly, you need to go back into the LiqPay settings on Tilda and check "Disable test mode" to start accepting payments.
Liqpay is now set up and good to go. If your website is connected to several payment systems, they will automatically appear as payment options at the checkout.

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