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Mailchimp Email Automation

How to set automated emails based on predetermined triggers
Mailchimp is an email marketing service integrated with Tilda that allows you to create and manage mailing lists and send out newsletters. Explore the pre-designed email templates or create custom emails using Tilda Email Campaign Builder.
It also allows you to create automated emails or series of emails in reply to particular actions of your subscribers.
There are two versions of the Mailchimp Campaign Editor. This guide applies to the Classic version only. Creating an email campaign in New Builder (the beta version of the editor) may include steps that differ from the described below. You can choose the editor's version in the settings of your Mailchimp account.
Go to the "Automations" tab to create an automated email campaign.
Select "Create" → "Classic Automations."
Mailchimp provides a lot of email automation options. For now, we shall try out one of the most popular email automation formats—"Welcome new subscribers." It sends an automated welcome email to the user when they sign up for your newsletters (or confirm that they are willing to receive your newsletters if you have enabled double confirmation in the Mailchimp settings).
Choose a name for your email campaign and select an audience that are to receive the automated email.
In the next step, you can set up a delay, specify the recipients, and edit the subject. Click on "Edit Design" to design the email.
Select "Code your own" and paste the HTML code from Tilda Campaign Builder into the box.
We recommend that you send out a test email to make sure everything works. After that, click on "Start Sending" to launch the email campaign.
Well done!
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