How to Connect Fonts From Rentafont

Setting up typefaces from the service for renting and buying fonts
If you can't find the right font for your project in the Tilda font library, you can use any font from Rentafont. In this guide, you will learn how to set it up for your website.
Log into your account on the Rentafont website.
Once logged in, choose the font that you want to use for your Tilda website. To find the font, you can use the search box or check the Font Collections and Font Index.
While searching you can filter font type, letter form, and price. Also, you can write a short text to see if you like the suggested option.
After selecting a font, you will be redirected to its page. There you can see the font family, font designers, its classification, and see how it looks in different letter sizes.

As an example (see below), we have chosen Extra Light font from the "Almaz" font family.
To use the font in your project, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Rent the font
  • Order web font
  • Buy the license

Find out more about terms and pricing here.
In the example below, the "order web font" option is used.
In the pop-up window, pick the font weight you want to use, choose the order type, set the load, and enter your website address.

Once you fill out these fields, the service will set the amount due for your order. To make a payment, you need to fund your Rentafont account.
Once the order is placed, you will get an email with the font code. Also, you can copy the code right away in the pop-up window.
Next, open the Site Settings on Tilda. To connect font to all pages of your website, paste the font code in the HEAD section of your website.

To do this, go to Site Settings → More → HTML code for the head section → Edit code → paste the code from Rentafont → save changes.
To ensure that the font is displayed correctly, specify the font name in the Site Settings.

Go to the Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Custom settings → Your own font → enter the font family name → save changes. In the example below, the font family name is "Almaz".

A connected font can be combined with a font from the built-in Tilda library. For instance, you can assign the connected font for headings, and the built-in font for body text.

You can also combine several fonts from Rentafont and set one for headings and the other one for body text. Find the font names in the Rentafont code that comes with the order.
Then save changes, re-publish pages in your project, and then check how the connected font is displayed on your website.

  • Use only the HEAD section part of the Rentafont code
  • Ensure to enter the correct font family name in the Site Settings. You can find it in the "font-family" line.
  • The font will be visible only when the pages are published.
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